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DD Projekt: One company to take care of it all

Now, finally, you can have one single number for the ‘refurbishment guy’.

DD Projekt may be described with a single sentence – interior and furniture designers, architects and builders, who has a solid team have for years been dealing with everything that applies to interiors, flats, houses and commercial buildings.

But it’s much more than just this single sentence.

DD Projekt means:
– years of experience and training
– professional preparation (Kraków University of Technology)
– projects performed in entire Lesser Poland
– stunning customer opinions and recommendations
– turnkey refurbishments and finishing work
– interior and architecture designs
– made-to-fit furniture designs
– flats, homes, offices, restaurants
– technical systems (electrics, plumbing)

– difficult or unique projects and professional execution (individual wallpaper, sintered quartz of large areas)
– proven reputation of people who really do care for every customer to walk out satisfied.

The team's speciality: 100% turnkey flats

Turnkey flats or houses are the flagship service of DD Projekt. Why do we mention it so much?

It is the best, because it provides you with all the advantages of working with a single fixed team: The architect or interior designer from DD creates the project, the DD builder team executes it in full cooperation with the designer, and an appointed employee supervises everything.

You can’t get this if you do every part of the project with a different contractor.

The difference that DD Projekt offes is exactly this cohesion. We take responsibility for everything so everything counts for us. Without comments like ‘yeah, it’s a great project, but the concept images looked better’.

We promise a difficult thing, but we are able to live up to that promise.The customers who’ve worked with us in the past already know this. The future ones will find out when they enter their ready interiors.

A refurbishment can be a premium
one, but it's not sufficient to just call it that

We refurbish bathrooms, kitchens, flats, offices, townhouses and commercial spaces. From us, every customer gets the best materials, newest technologies and our full attention. We work carefully, we utilise solutions to last for years, and we clean up after us when we leave. A good interior is one, where everything is good: a cable, a corner, the floor texture. This is true premium – something more than just nice words.

We also design furniture for all the rooms. We really do care about every detail, from the floor to the ceiling, together with the equipment. As always with DD Projekt, everything starts with a talk. Then we get to work – and we don’t stop until the customer is happy.

Interiors and furniture perfect in every way
Flats are like people – the interior is the most important.

A home or a flat is most looked at from the inside. It’s the inside where we live. It’s the furniture that we use to rest and work. The lighting design influences our comfort and health over the years.

In an interior, every detail counts, from the way the entirety is composed, up to the comfort and practicality of each piece of equipment.
That is we design interiors with passion and meticulousness our customers respect (and often praise) us for.

Together with the future owner, tenant or the entire family, we go through every stage of comprehensive work, from 3D concept designs all the way to a set of approved architectural and execution designs.

And afterwards, we gladly offer them turnkey execution. Comprehensive execution was always the hallmark of DD Projekt.

Commission your flat or house with a DD Projekt expert
If you've contracted refurbishment works, a flat or a house with a different company, we're still keen on helping you – for free.

Our specialist can participate in the acceptance or commissioning of works and check all details in your name: performance quality, adherence to the contract, safety or adherence to the state of the art.

We have ourselves commissioned hundreds of refurbishments, flats and houses. Our specialists know the ins and outs of the industry, they know what is important and what can easily be overlooked. Their aid is worth its weight in gold (and comes for free from us).

To make use of the knowledge of such a person, all you have to do is call.

https://ddprojekt.pl/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/klimatyzacja-ddprojekt.jpg https://ddprojekt.pl/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/montaz-klimatyzacji--e1588060229785.jpg

Planując projekt, remont, budowę warto zaplanowac też klimatyzację!

Szukasz solidnego instalatora klimatyzacji i wentylacji w Krakowie?

Działamy na rynku montażu klimatyzacji od wielu lat. Posiadamy wiedzę, certyfikaty, doradzam w zakresie doboru klimatyzacji. Oferujemy profesjonalny montaż klimatyzacji na terenie Krakowa i okolic. Jako jedyni dajemy naszym klientom 60 dniową gwarancję rozruchową na montaż klimatyzatorów.

Profesjonalny dobór systemów klimatyzacji

Instalujemy systemy klimatyzacji w mieszkaniach, apartamentach, domkach jednorodzinnych, lokalach użytkowych, restauracjach, salach weselnych, jak i w halach produkcyjnych, przemysłowych i magazynowych.

Montaż klimatyzacji

Montujemy klimatyzację szybko i sprawnie. Celem systemów klimatyzacji jest zapewnienie odpowiedniej temperatury, wilgotności, czystości oraz dystrybucji powietrza w pomieszczeniach w celu stworzenia i utrzymania najkorzystniejszego dla ludzi mikroklimatu.

Serwis klimatyzacji

Dzięki regularnemu serwisowi możesz przedłużyć żywotność i sprawność Twojego systemu klimatyzacji, Twoje klimatyzatory będą pracować wydajnie i ekonomicznie przez wiele lat.

*Wszystkie zdjęcia są własnością DD Projekt, zrobione na wykonanych przez firmę DD Projekt inwestycjach. Wszelkie prawa autorskie należą do firmy DD Projekt. Zabrania się kopiowania zdjęć oraz opisów (w całości lub w części) bez zgody właściciela strony. Zgodnie z Ustawą o Prawie Autorskim i Prawach Pokrewnych z dnia 4 lutego 1994 roku (Dz.U.94 Nr 24 poz. 83, sprost.: Dz.U.94 Nr 43 poz.170) wykorzystywanie autorskich pomysłów, rozwiązań, kopiowanie, rozpowszechnianie zdjęć, fragmentów grafiki, tekstów opisów w celach zarobkowych, bez zezwolenia autora jest zabronione i stanowi naruszenie praw autorskich oraz podlega karze. Znaki towarowe i graficzne są własnością firmy.

What’s indescribable is what’s most important.
The fact that we approach all of our projects with seriousness
– and that’s the key reason to call DD.

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